Version 7 of Scheme Tk

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What STk (short for Scheme Tk)
Description A free R4RS Scheme interpreter that can access Tk.
Updated 1999-10-01 (version 4.0.1)
License Custom non-copyleft (since version 4.0)

STk takes Tcl and Tk (8.0 in STk versions 3.99–4.0.1) and replaces Tcl's internals (like Tcl_Eval) to call a Scheme interpreter. STk has been superseded by STklos , which implements R5RS and comes with GTK+ bindings for GUIs.




... STk knew its "hour of glory" in late September 1994, when Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation posted an article to comp.lang.tcl newsgroup titled Why you should not use Tcl which conducted ro a nearly one month long flamewar ensued. Richard Stallman proposed in this article to use STk instead of Tcl. After that, the FSF started the Guile project, which still use the object layer of STk as the basis for its own object layer.
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