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Updated 2003-04-23 18:11:29

Smalltalk [L1 ] is a pure object environment and programming language. Read the link to learn more.

Smalltalk is the oldest mature pure object-oriented language. It is brilliant, simple, and has only a few keywords. It is similar to Tcl in that the control structures are not part of language.

Almost all good things known in new hype-languages come from Smalltalk. That is

  • virtual machine
  • garbage collector
  • reflection (introspection)
  • dynamic object system (object can change the class, metaclasses)
  • Integrated Development Environment

Also many popular program-techniques were developed under Smalltalk first. That is Extreme Programming (with Unit-tests), Refactoring Tools, Visual Programing, MVC (Model / View / Controller).

Smalltalk has also good designed standard libraries (Collections, Process Controll, IO).

Squeak [L2 ] is a popular Smalltalk implementation with an active community, and several interesting features. If you want to play with Smalltalk, Squeak is a good start. - TP, whose first OO language was Smalltalk.

Why is not Smalltalk the first most popular object-oriented program language? The reasons could be:

  • for 30 years computers were too slow for virtual machines.
  • the first smalltalk systems was too expensive for normal folk.
  • smalltalk was too closed (not open) to another systems or languages.
  • has no types. Some managers belive that typed-languages can save them from ignorance.
  • it is too mature for making big money with consulting, i.e., it is on the trailing curve of the hype bandwagon.
  • jcw adds another - more technical - reason: deployment can be tricky...

XOTcl is an object-oriented extension for Tcl that has some characteristics from Smalltalk. It is also dynamic and has metaclasses and also have the same feeling. XOTclIDE provide Smalltalk like IDE (Squeak, Version Control as in Envy)

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