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Playing TRAC

The TRAC Foundation

Larry Smith I have a source archive of tint (Tint Is Not Trac) a Trac-64 (I think) implementation, if anyone wants to host it. I also have html files documenting several versions of Trac, including the Trac84 version. And, if anyone cares, "Tinker" is actually a Trac interpreter modified to use Tcl syntax, it's available in my ancient ctools code, based on the html file "TRAC, A Procedure-Describing Language for the Reactive Typewriter", which I also have. I also have an essentially unscannable collection of loose pages comprising documentation for "Sam76" a greatly extended version of Trac written for the Z-80 under CP/M, but I don't expect that will be useful for anyone.

escargo 2011-08-28 - The domain is still there, but the contents are long gone. (Note that links using the URLs get displayed wrong by this wiki if surrounded by square brackets.)

RLH 2011-08-28 - What was it? The only Trac I know is a ticketing system for software bugs.

Playing TRAC has a good introduction.

The last useful TRAC Foundation pages I found through the web archive were set in March 24, 2005:

That page says in part, "TRAC® is an interpreted, interactive, ultra-light-weight programming language which has been in use since 1964."

In the history of programming languages, one aspect that stands out is that they registered the name of the programming language as a trademark, which gave them some control over implementations.

There is still an accessible page on Sourceforge: [L1 ]

Unfortunately, no files were released.

I have not attempted to check the files out of Sourceforge, but info on how to do so is there: [L2 ]