Version 17 of Tcl/Tk Survey 2009

Updated 2009-04-15 13:56:11 by FabricioRocha

Fabricio Rocha 15-Apr-09 - Survey moved to , to make things easier. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fabricio Rocha 15-Apr-2009 - Every now and then the Tcl/Tk “marketing” comes to discussion. Introspection is a feature of Tcl itself and it's always useful when applied in the community. This survey is one more attempt on this field, maybe in a more objective manner than the previous attempts.

To take the survey, just edit this page (click the "Edit" link at the bottom) to add your marks where appropriate.

  • For questions marked with "choose one", put an X in the end of the line which corresponds to your answer.
  • For questions marked as "choose one or more", put an X in the end of all lines you want.
  • If the question asks you to specify an answer which is not listed, please don't criticize or debate what other people had written before. If you just agree to someone's answer, place an X in the end of it.

Again: please don't criticize or debate the listed answers, nor the answers posted by other people. We will gain nothing from flaming, and this would take away focus on the questions.

Even though this page might continue here forever, the survey will be considered closed in May 1st 2009. Then a new page will be created where the results will be analysed and discussed. A link to it will be posted here.