Version 4 of Tcl 8.5 To-do List

Updated 2006-08-02 23:15:24

George Peter Staplin 08.02.2006 - The goal of this page is to help the Tcl community contribute to the Tcl 8.5 release. A number of issues should be resolved before the release.

Tcl is a community project and we own it.

You could say that Tcl is The Community Language. :)

  1. Update the Tcl tutorial with the latest 8.5 features.
  2. Eliminate the unbraced exprs in the tutorial.
  3. Reduce the number of priority 9 bugs. Any contributions to get closer to this is helpful.
  4. Reduce the overall number of bugs. Any bug is worth fixing.
  5. Follow up on unclosed yet, apparent fixed bugs. Make sure we can move forward.

The bug trackers for Tcl and Tk are linked to from here:

Add your name to this page with a list of 1 or more things you're doing, so that we don't get duplicate effort.

If you deem the fix useful then please thank that person. Often times open source work is a thankless job, but it doesn't have to be :)

  • RLH I will do #2 and I will test those I change to make sure I don't break anything. I will need to source since it isn't wiki editable.
  • George Peter Staplin I'm working on Tcl bug 1028264

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