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Also known as the TCT, this august body was elected to direct the development of the Tcl Core in the summer of 2000.

There is one respected former member who resigned due to lack of personal time.

The archives of the current TCT mailing list activity can be found at

Here are pointers to the projects being managed by the TCT: ( ) for Tcl bug reports ( ) for Tk bug reports.

Andreas Kupries notes in [L1 ] a PURL for a bug database summary report [L2 ] that he generates (using tcllib!).

RT Something I've long wondered about: Is there any provision in TCT goverance to periodically "refresh" the membership? Any process for folks "retiring" should they cease to be involved with Tcl for extended periods? I'd be interested to hear current members thoughts on this topic.

DKF: The topic comes up from time to time. TIP#0[L3 ] is our official rules on the topic (such as they are). We even update it to reflect current practice occasionally. :-)

Also see the Tcl Improvement Proposal (TIP) Archive: or

SRL Can I join the TCL Core Team?

LV Right now, it is my understanding that the procedures are that the TCT invites new members based on a historical look at their code and leadership contributions. What you could do is volunteer to be responsible for maintaining one or more sections of the tcl and tk code, and then, based on how that goes, perhaps you would receive an invitation.

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