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Purpose: Collection point for list of Tcl command reference pages (not always the full and official man page, but always with additional notes and links to related articles). Also see Tk syntax help. I hope that people will add code to these pages showing Best Practices with regard to using these Tcl and Tk commands. Beyond these, see also Tcl core extension syntax for the syntax of extensions packaged with the core, and BNF for Tcl for abstract context. Also see Common Tcl Error Messages and Possible Explanations.

The following is an alphabetical index to the script level commands in Tcl. [Would people like a second sorting of Tcl commands, perhaps by function or some other ordering? If so, let us know what arrangement.]

I am uncertain why someone added these to the page, since they aren't a part of Tcl's core syntax, but instead, as far as I know, part of the command operators of if and expr.

  • eq - equal
  • ne - not equal

There are also a number of special Magic names variables in the core Tcl interpreter. Here is an index to these:

There are also a number of special shell environment variables which can influence Tcl behavior. These include:

For a nice printed quick reference guide to Tcl and Tk, see [L1 ] for the original and see [L2 ] (broken link) for a community member's update. "Static syntax analysis" is a related topic.

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