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Updated 2005-04-23 18:59:19 is the home for this software. There is an active mailing list at this site for questions and support issues.

TclBlend is a Tcl extension which, with appropriate setup and auxilarly tools, allows one to call Java classes from Tcl.

Requirements include a recent version of Tcl compiled with threads and a recent version of Java.

Note that TclBlend is an extension which requires a number of environment variables to be set. That is why the TclBlend community recommends using a script that comes with the extension which is designed to set all the various variables before invoking tcl.,,12421_630531,00.html is an article by CL on TclBlend and Jacl.

One comp.lang.tcl poster reports satisfying light-duty use of JDBC with TclBlend.

See also Jacl - Java and Tcl - Tcl and other languages, and CL's personal notes on TclBlend [L1 ].

LV Anyone know of an example of a good use for tclblend - a place where someone has used tclblend to solve a problem? Something that could act as a demo perhaps.

JR I'm using it to add a JMS listener into tclhttpd. The threading models and java's lack of an event loop make it a bit tricky but it works well enough for my needs (and is way easier than doing it in java).

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