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Updated 2005-07-29 21:13:11 is the home of Tcl Blend. Tcl Blend is a Tcl package that provides access to Java classes from Tcl. Tcl Blend is production ready software, it is stable enough to be used in production systems on a daily basis.

Jacl and TclBlend are both implementations that make it easy to use Tcl scripting on the Java platform. The Tcl/Java project provides mailing lists [L1 ], online documentation [L2 ], and a bug reporting interface [L3 ].

Links to a number of Jacl and Tcl Blend related articles are also available [L4 ].

For help building Jacl under Windows, see Building TclBlend with msys_mingw.

One comp.lang.tcl poster reports satisfying light-duty use of JDBC with TclBlend.

LV Anyone know of an example of a good use for tclblend - a place where someone has used tclblend to solve a problem? Something that could act as a demo perhaps.

JR I'm using it to add a JMS listener into tclhttpd. The threading models and java's lack of an event loop make it a bit tricky but it works well enough for my needs (and is way easier than doing it in java).

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