Version 1 of TclOO WishList and Work Roster

Updated 2008-12-21 14:54:51 by dkf

DKF: Not everything that I want in TclOO is yet there. This is a page to collect those ideas and track them until they're implemented and deployed reality.

Warning! What TclOO won't do is massively increase in scope. It's focus will necessarily remain on being small, stable, fast, well-engineered, tested and documented. Putting any old thing in here may well just result in those suggestions getting deleted. You are supposed to build on top of TclOO for most things.

Wish List

The order here is arbitrary.

Fundamental features:

  • submethods (to support Snit)
  • slots (to support XOTcl)
  • better support for self-like object management

Class library:

Work Roster

[to be done]

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