Version 1 of TclTalkback

Updated 2008-01-07 14:58:34 by peterc

Title: TclTalkback

Description: A convenient and strong error reporting tool to compare with Microsoft Online Crash Analysis, but, for Tcl script errors. Errors and debugging information is sent by the user to a given URL (where the data can be processed using anything from a simple mail form to a complex bug tracker system). Various types of feedback can be provided to the user, depending on initial configuration and data returned from the HTTP query.

License: BSD


Author/s: Peter Caffin (peterc).

Requires: Tile and http.

Rationale: Trying to get error information and platform info from end users can be a nightmarish task sometimes -- for both parties. So much so that sometimes they won't even bother to report errors in the first place. This package provides the Tcl developer with decent automated error reporting and provides access to key system information in the process. It could save you hours of phonecalls or days of email exchanges back and forth.


Above: Initial error dialog on the X11 platform. Much more consisely worded than the Microsoft variant :-).