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Updated 2009-09-16 04:54:38 by APN

APN Originally built as a test case for a HTML->CHM conversion script, TclTkWinHelp contains documentation for Tcl/Tk, Tcllib and TWAPI in Windows CHM help format.

Main benefits over other Tcl/Tk documentation:

  • Comprehensive Table of Contents. For example, in addition to array, subcommands like array set, array exists will also show as separate entries in the contents.
  • Detailed, integrated index. For example, looking in the index for split will show entries for uri::split, textutil::split and csv::split as well as the core Tcl split command. Similarly, separate entries are present for namespace qualified/unqualified, subcommands, options etc.
  • Text search facility

TclTkWinHelp is always built from the latest CVS sources and will be updated regularly.

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