Version 3 of TclTkWinHelp

Updated 2011-12-16 06:58:35 by APN

APN This is a compilation of the documentation for Tcl/Tk and the most commonly used extensions and libraries on Windows. This is also now the distribution mechanism for TWAPI documentation. Download TWAPI . Updated 2011/12/15.

Advantages over various other documentation sources are a detailed table of contents and index. In particular, Tcl commands or C functions within a single page have individual entries. For example, subcommands, such as string match, widget options (-activebackground etc.) specifiers (%f, %EE etc.), events (<<MenuSelection>> etc.) have their own entries. Together with incremental lookup and full text search, this makes locating information very quick and easy.

Documentation for the following distributions are included:

  • Tcl/Tk 8.6
  • Tcl Windows API 3.1
  • Tcllib 1.14
  • Tklib 0.5
  • TDBC 1.0
  • Thread 2.6
  • TDOM 0.8.2