Version 13 of Tclworld

Updated 2002-02-20 22:18:31 Richard Suchenwirth - This is my biggest and most favorite project since a long time: a geographic browser with map display and database browser. Most parts of it are on the Wiki at

Be aware that this is still in pre-alpha stage, but already running mighty nicely. Download tclworld 0.5 (ZIP file, 250 k) from

I can also send you the whole ZIP file, just ask for it by mailto:[email protected]

I first called this tkWorld, but then found out that this name has been taken by another software years ago, so now it's Tclworld.

A user (MPJ) has reported that he got Tclworld to run under WinCE on a pocket PC (check out the pictures on the Windows/CE wiki page). (RS) Another wrote "It works well on MacOS X, both on X-11 tclkit and Aqua Tk". More reports, also of problems, are welcome! Yet another adds MacOS 9 with TclKit.

Rich map data are available e.g. from "Digital Chart of the World", - downloaded text files (country outlines) from there can be loaded into Tclworld with the geo::dmc proc. Download US gazetteer files (plane names, pop., lat & lon) from

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