Version 0 of Tktreemap

Updated 2004-09-25 15:35:45

. Description: TkTreemap is a program to display a directory tree and storage space with a

   treemap. Treemap is a 2D space-filling approach to visualize tree-structured informations.
 . Version: 0.2
 . Platform: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, FreeBSD, MacOS X et Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
 . Source: Tcl-Tk
 . Licence: GPL
 . Site: (in french)

- tktreemap02.tgz (source, 16 Kb) [L1 ]

- tktreemap02.kit (starkit, 7 Kb) [L2 ]

- (starpack windows, 1050 Kb) [L3 ]

GS Voici, par exemple, le treemap associé à l'archive de Tcl Web server (TWS) [L4 ] dont la structure des répertoires est la suivante:

Here is, for example, the treemap related to the Tcl Web Server (TWS) archive that contains this directory tree:

 |   `---CVS
 |   |---CVS
 |   |---config
 |   |   |---CVS
 |   |   `---pw
 |   |       `---CVS
 |   `---doc
 |       `---CVS

For more detaisl about the treemap visualization theory see the following references:

- B. Shneiderman, Tree visualization with treemaps: a 2-d space-filling approach [L5 ]