Version 8 of WebSphere

Updated 2002-02-08 01:03:16

This is a big story.

WebSphere is the "flagship" "application server" [L1 ] from COMPANY: IBM. What that means in the year 2001 is a Web server, with a method for active content, plus convenience functions for database access, and at least lip service to load-leveling, security, and so on.

Because it's IBM, WebSphere uses Java for as much as possible, and prefixes all descriptions with "e-commerce". The technical basis is

  • the IBM version of Apache,
  • DB2, and
  • WebSphere proper, which wraps the others.

As one too-wise correspondent justly noted, "You need to be a DBA, Apache Administrator and a JAVA guru to do a clean install."

WebSphere documentation [L2 ] is readable--with a fast connection and Internet Explorer with Java enabled. developerWorks published a WebSphere tutorial [L3 ].

Tcl enters through WSCP.

[Explain Tcl connection and controversy.]

Other WebSphere acronyms of possible pertinence:

  • WAS: WebSphere Application Server [L4 ] (a no-charge version is available as WAS 4.0 Advanced Edition Single Server)
  • WCS: WebSphere Commerce Suite
  • WES: WebSphere Enterprise Suite
  • WPS: WebSphere Portal Server