Version 1 of Wiki jumps the shark

Updated 2009-06-14 15:43:30 by jbr

Once upon a time there was a very simple wiki. It didn't have a lot of fancyness - just content. The content was impressive, interesting code, concise examples, imaginative input.

A new front page arrived, a fancy image that I both liked and disliked. It was a nice graphic with image mapped links to parts of the wiki. Wiki maintainers changes and Wub began. Wub is nice, has architecture and some docs - something that wikit perhaps lacked, its more complex. A side bar appeared, some complained, others claimed "Its optional". I was disturbed - its a complication. Recently, Recent Changes gained an inexplicable header, Recent News? As I enter this screed, I see that I have fancy buttons across the top of the text box to help with markup, isn't wiki about simple ASCII content? Markup is sparse to compliment content not upstage it. Now alas page names are obscured, bowing to appearances.

This is no longer simple:

 %| [Category Command%|%Command%|%] | [Category TclX%|%TclX%|%] |%

This wiki has jumped the shark.


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