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Updated 2003-04-11 12:20:13

A part of Concurrency concepts.

See [L1 ].

What are some ways that Tcl provides support for async? open, exec with &, and fileevent.

TV Hmm a pdf from Microsoft research. One of my university fellow students, which was toplevel at the time went to the city of grunge for such purpose in name, or to make money. The musical stuff dragged in the terminology doesn't try to hide certain connections, and doesn't conceil a almost complete lack of essential content in the paper it seems. Hoare (csp) is mentioned, that's allways usefull, but don't forget that such principles are well inplemented in part in the wonderfull enough, and non-crashing, UNIX operating system, and some others, too. I mean they meant no shit in the seventies. The theoretical basis is not to impress the paper counters, but to back up why you built something a certain way, such as that one has mathematica reasoning and proof methods to apply to the work one does. Real ones, not politically inspired ones.

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