Version 1 of canonical way of site configuration

Updated 2006-01-30 12:38:52 by CLN

What is the canonical way of configuring a Tcl installation for site specific purposes? I think its a well known problem: You are using a Tcl-installation which is installed from the system supplier (e.g. a Linux distro). Tcl/Tk an the libs provided are installed under /usr/lib, thus limiting the search path to /usr/lib/ and descendants. These directories will be requrely wiped out during a system upgrade. Beside this part of the installation you maintain another set of libs and packages specific for this site (so normally under /usr/local/lib). For that reason the search path has to be extended. What is the best way to manage this across updates?

  • a special package config-site, which is part of the distribution and will be evaluatet during the init-process, so that during the update this package can be backed up
  • like above but not evaluated during init, but immediately after the program start
  • simply adding the code to the application
  • ...

What is your opinion?