Version 0 of console-problem on Windows

Updated 2011-02-12 05:38:05 by HJG

HJG I'm not sure if this is a bug, so here is a demo for a problem with console on Windows, when the main toplevel window is not shown, e.g. with wm withdraw, so that its close-button cannot be reached.

Exiting the program via the close-button of the console leaves a running wish85-shell behind.

To get rid of them, you need to use the taskmanager, or an utility like process-explorer.

To prevent this, include this statement with wm withdraw:

  console eval {wm protocol . WM_DELETE_WINDOW {exit} } 

However, exiting the program via the console-menu File/Exit works correctly, shutting down the remaining wish85 as expected.

Is there a reason for this different behaviour of close-button and File/Exit ?

 # console-problem on Windows 
 # 2011-02-12

   catch {console show}
   catch {wm withdraw .}
 # Alternative:
 #  wm geometry . 1x1+0+0
 #  wm overrideredirect . 1
 #  wm transient .

 # console eval {wm protocol . WM_DELETE_WINDOW {exit} } 

 # Fill the console with some info:
 # See also : [Finding Out Your Processor and Operating System Configuration]
   puts "Console:"
   puts "title         : [wm title .]"
   puts "winfo visualid: [winfo visualid .]"

   puts "tcl_version   : $tcl_version"
   puts "tk_version    : $tk_version"
   puts "patchlevel    : [info patchlevel]"
   puts "platform information:"
   parray tcl_platform

   set fv [file volumes]
   puts "file volumes  : $fv"
   foreach drive $fv  { puts "$drive : [file system $drive]" }

   puts "Now compare ending the program via close-button and File/Exit,"
   puts "and look for wish85.exe in the taskmanager."