Version 2 of freetypeext

Updated 2007-10-15 19:28:47 by GPS

Part of megapkg and available from

Freetypeext is an extension that generates megaimage buffers using FreeType from TTF fonts. Other font types may work, but are untested. Antialias alpha blending is provided by using megaimage's blendobj subcommand.

License: 3 clause BSD (see the website)

Usage (assuming the user runs the install target):

 $ tclsh8.5 
 % package require freetypeext
 % freetype
 wrong # args: should be "freetype font size text RGBA-color widthvar heightvar ?char-width-listvar?"
 % freetype-measure
 wrong # args: should be "freetype-measure font size text widthvar heightvar" 

 set buf [freetype /path/to/font.ttf 12 "Hello World" [list $r $g $b $a] width height]

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