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Does someone know if it's allowed to use upper OR lower characters in CGI parameter encoding? E.g., are the following two results equivalent?:

 % http::formatQuery äöü

 % http::formatQuery2 äöü

I read a few lines of RFC 3875 but did not fully understand everything yet...

MJ - The URI escaping is described in RFC 2396 (which is referenced by the CGI RFC 3875). There it states:

   An escaped octet is encoded as a character triplet, consisting of the
   percent character "%" followed by the two hexadecimal digits
   representing the octet code. For example, "%20" is the escaped
   encoding for the US-ASCII space character.

      escaped     = "%" hex hex
      hex         = digit | "A" | "B" | "C" | "D" | "E" | "F" |
                            "a" | "b" | "c" | "d" | "e" | "f"

So yes they are equivalent.

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