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Ksh ( ) is an interactive scripting language suitable for interactive login sessions as well as programming. Source or binary distributions can be obtained from . Versions of ksh are available for various Linux and Unix systems, as well as Windows.

The author, David Korn, has spent a number of years writing UWIN - a set of Unix like utilities that run on Windows (a concept similar to Cygwin, MKS Toolkit, etc.).

See the author's comments about ksh (and his reference to Tcl) at , as well as this [L1 ] rave for the shell.

The shell aims to be compatible to the Shell Language Standard part of POSIX and can therefore be used as a Bourne Shell replacement.

Some of the overlap between Ksh and Tcl can be seen in these packages:

 What: tkhistory
 Description: A Tk 3.6 script that visually keeps track of the
        command history for csh, tcsh, and ksh.
 Updated: 11/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Rick McClanahan)

 What: Tksh
 Description: Tksh is an implementation of the Tcl C library written on
        top of ksh93. Tksh emulates the
        behavior of Tcl by using the API that is provided for extending ksh93.
        This allows Tcl libraries such as Tk to run on top of ksh93
        unchanged, making it possible to use shell scripts in place of Tcl
        scripts. ksh93 is well suited for use with Tk because it is backward
        compatible with sh, making it both easy to learn and easy to extend
        existing scripts to provide a graphical user interface. Tksh
        allows Tcl scripts to run without modification using the
                ksh93 internals.
        The latest tksh works with Tcl 7.6.  The author is no longer
        working on this application. 
 Updated: 09/2001
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Jeff Korn)

See also dtksh.