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MG (Mike Griffiths); can be emailed at [email protected] ([L1 ]). Working (well, planning to work) on a personal home page at when I can find the time, and hopefully to clean up bits of Tcl code I've written and put up there, among other things.

I've recently started doing web design (not using Tcl, as of yet, but hoping to get it set up some time in the future); my homepage for that is [L2 ].

Tcl To-Do List:

  1. Re-write Potato (see below). This has been on my to-do list for a hell of a long time, but is finally underway
  2. Various other card-games, like Solitaire or Hearts.

The largest piece of Tcl code I've written is Potato MUSH (MUD) Client, a telnet-type client for connect to MU*-style games. It is (IMHO) better than quite a few of the other clients out there, but then I would think that :) Completley lacking docs at the moment, though, and the code could use a re-write just to tidy it up (not to mention get it working cross-platform).

Probably my best/most commonly usable piece of Tcl code is Spider Solitaire, a pure Tcl/Tk version of the game shipped with Win XP. And the various other assorted things I've done or made some contribution to that I felt like noting...

entry-widget validation for filenames.

A second-formatter, at Formatting Durations (moved from Bag of number/time spellers)

A small proc for checking event-bindings

A couple of procs for photo images; one which allows you to Replace one color in an image with transparency, and another which allows you to Produce Thumbnails of an image.

A soundex proc, for checking if two words sound similar. (If you have Tcllib, the 'soundex' package included does the same job faster.)

An Example Canvas Widget, which someone learning how to use canvas may or may not find of interest.

How to Move an item on a Canvas Widget in a Straight Line (animated)

WikIndent, a (basic, poorly written, but fully-working) little script which adds a single space to the front of files, to indent them as 'Tcl Code' for copy/pasting to a Wiki page.

Web-Safe Colors, a (quickly-written and very ugly;) little program for finding the closest web-safe color to any color you give it.

Sep 3rd 2005 - strToPic is a small script which encodes a string as an image.

Sep 17th 2005 - A basic Port Forwarding in Pure-Tcl script

Sep 29th 2005 - Named Arguments (MG) provides some code for named arguments, possibly of use for something like a megawidget framework.

Dec 21st 2005 - I'm toying with the idea of a Customizable Toolbar Widget, designed to let the user of an app customize the toolbar.

Aug 20th 2007 - A Minimal Tree Widget

After looking at the page 'Who owns the content on this Wiki', I thought I'd add this for the heck of it: unless otherwise stated on the specific page/piece of code, anything I stick up here is free for non-commercial use by anyone who wants it. Just don't blame me if anything goes wrong, and don't claim credit for anything I did :) Feel free to copy it for anything you like, modify it (but please add any improvements so others can share them, too), etc. If you want to use any of it in any commercial capacity, please email at the above address first for permission.

MG adds that his computer is running Windows XP Home, SP 2. So, anywhere where I mention a problem (or that code is working) and forget to specifically state the OS it's on, it'll be this computer.

27/01/2007 - The first ever Tcl-related bash quote I've ever seen, which also happened to make me chuckle, and reminded me of the discussions on Tcl vs. TCL: [L3 ]

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