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Redis , by SS, is an in-memory data structure store.


Latest release 3.2.8
Release time 2017-02-12
Maintainer SS

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A Redis-like API for Metakit.


Redis is an in-memory data structure store that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kinds of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes.

It has a Tcl client interface. It is somewhat like memcache, but persistent.

Redis is implemented in C with a test suite written in Tcl. The first version of Redis, then called "LMDB", was itself implemented in Tcl. SS has published its source code as a Gist on GitHub.


Retcl is an event-driven, object-oriented, Redis client library targeting the Tcl scripting language.

Things that Retcl does which are missing in Salvatore's client are:

  • Pub/Sub support
  • Callbacks specified per subscription pattern / channel
  • Configurable results cache
  • Global and per-command sync / async modes
  • User-defined error handler