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According to the Dodekalogue, a script is a string containing one or more commands. More generally, a script is a set of statements written in the language of an interpreter such as Tcl.

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In Tcl, a script is a collection of 1 or more Tcl commands separated by semicolon or newline. A script can be handed to Tcl in various ways:

invocation of an interpreter such as tclsh
The name of the file can be passed as an argument
the file name can be passed as an argument.
arguments are concatenated and evaluated as a script.
script substitution
A script is embedded directly in another script.

A script often provides a library for use by other scripts.

Tcl's sparse syntax makes it particularly convenient to embed code written in another language directly into a Tcl script. SQL, Perl, ksh, awk, or even C code can then be handed off to to some other interpreter for evaluation. SQL is probably the most well-known example of this. When dynamically generating scripts for another language, it is necessary to be aware of possible injection attacks.