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A Scripted Document is a single file (compressed) packaging of Tcl scripts, platform specific compiled code and application data; designed to facilitate simple deployment of cross platform applications. They are made cross platform by developing in Tcl/Tk wherever possible, and by including compiled extensions for multiple platforms if necessary.

Scripted documents are interpreted using TclKit - a platform specific single file Tcl/Tk interpreter. You will need to download TclKit for each platform that you want to run a Scripted Document on. It is possible to combine TclKit and a Scripted Document into a single file executable called a Custom TclKit,

There is an archive of scripted documents available at

Note also there is an emerging Scripted Documents Structure standard.

"Scripted documents" is a phrase I (JCW) coined to describe a file which contains both scripts and data, and which is executable. It's almost like an application with an embedded database. WiKit is built as scripted document.

For more details, see the corresponding page on my personal wiki (yah, well, wiki's tend to multiply like rabbits where I live):

November 2000 - The new place to look for details and info about scripted documents is:

-- JCW

In November 2001, JCW answered the question 'how do scripted documents get created' by the URL . Perhaps more info can be written on this page concerning the topic.

Some examples of scripted documents can be found at and .

CL chatters on scripted documents [L1 ].

Anyone have any good help on how to use scripted documents on MacOS (pre-X I guess... MacOS X should work the same way as other OSes with regards to launching apps, right?)

See also sdx

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