Version 1 of some random korean text

Updated 2007-09-18 14:13:53 by MiR

Decoding this topic title, it probably was meant to be [현재창] (looks like Korean to me). The original browser seems to have mangled the topic string, so that it got encoded as UTF-8 twice.

RS: This can indeed be further analysed with Tcl very easily:

 % u2x [encoding convertfrom utf-8 í����ì��¬ì°½]
 % encoding convertfrom utf-8 í����ì��¬ì°½

The characters that I see for these Unicodes on my iPaq (the big box has no CJK fonts) indicate that it's approximately pronounced hyôn-jae-chass, and this term brings up several pages full of links in Google, but I don't know the meaning.

WJP: The last letter is the velar nasal "ng", not "ss", so chang, not chass.

DKF: Babelfish[L1 ] translates it to "Currently window".

WJP: hyôn-jae is the adjective "present, current". "window" in my experience is usually changgu, but the dictionary says that chang alone can be "window". It can also mean "singing", "hole in a flat surface such as leather or paper", "spear", and "syphillis". "window" does seem more likely here, but I do wonder how this phrase got here.

MiR: Is it conincidence, that window in korean also means syphillis???