Version 5 of tgz

Updated 2003-05-24 11:58:35

Files with a .tgz extension, such as extension.tgz, are tarballs compressed with gzip. They can be extracted using tar by running gnu's tar command in this fashion:

 tar -zxvf extension.tgz

If you don't have a Unix-like system or Cygwin, you can still extract files from a tgz archive. WinZip may be able to handle them (DKF - Yes it does...).

Another program called QuickZip does gzip'ed files IIRC. Note: Netscape often will gunzip .tgz files without letting you know, so tar -xvf extension.tgz may be all that's needed. .tar.gz is used more commonly in some circles.

Winrar can also handle tar and gz on windows.

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