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What: tkinfo
Description: The TkInfo by White, on ptolemy, is a Tcl library of GNU info parsing and interpretation code and a Tk program providing a sample of how to use it. Axel Boldt's WWW page is home to a replacement for tkinfo, in which he rewrote tkinfo to be a purely browsing program (rather than a library). Versions after 1.6 now work with Windows, Tk 4.0, have backwards searching, usage hints, a last command, can cycle through links, display Help in a new window, have a 'history' in the search entry box, have Sun keypad bindings, have option to display info file's pathname, and a man page. The redhat site's distribution information was provided by Mr. Long. The latest version is 2.5, which adds support for Tk 8.x and more.
Updated: 07/2002
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Axel Boldt)
mailto:[email protected] (Kennard White)
mailto:[email protected] (Michael J. Long)

This application appears to be abandoned at the moment.

Updated: 2003-07-08: TkInfo-2.6 was just released by Axel. It now works with Tcl/Tk-8.4 (and also with older versions). Use the first URL above under "Where:".