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Hi, I'm Wolf-Dieter Busch, living in Germany, and an amateur programmer.

In 1998, I started as a SW project an external editor [L1 ] for the CMS Schematext V.2.4; therefor I learned Tcl/Tk. (Nowadays, the editor is obsolete, but still nice nonetheless.)

Other Tcl-based SW is

  • the client-side content management system One Hand Content [L2 ],
  • the Tk interface to Scheme Chicken/Tk [L3 ], and what I'm proud of: completely documented, including a beginner's tutorial;
  • the HTML->Tex converter Bottle Neck [L4 ],
  • and the game Pachisi [L5 ] (German: Mensch Ärger dich nicht).
  • Another hack Pils as exclusive contribution to this Wiki.
  • Tiny Tcl/Tk IDE
  • Just another object system

AK: Regarding Pachisi see also A little Pachisi game.

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