Version 1 of wxWidgets

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What: wxTcl

 Description: wxTcl is a GUI extension to Tcl, based on wxWindows (renamed to wxWidgets)
        and wxGTK.  Its intention is to provide a developer with an extension
        able to provide a native look and feel, contemporary looking
        programming constructs, AND still be able to operate within a normal
        Tcl and Tk application!
        wxWindows/wxGTK is a library - wxTcl is a binding for that library
        to Tcl.
        The original developer has discontinued development of wxTcl,
        but the source is available from mailto:[email protected] 
        if someone would like to continue work on it.
 Updated: 09/2000
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Olivier Paquay)

RLH 28-Aug-2005: This is now called wxWidgets [L1 ] and has been for a while because of everyone's friend, Microsoft. LV Because, of course, there were no windows in the world, of any sort, before Microsoft... sigh.