Colin Macleod

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I'm a Tcl user since 1997, now retired.  I used to work for Bloomberg LP in London - I am not authorised to give out any information about what tools they may or may not use.

I previously worked for [COMPANY: Alcatel], mostly writing plain C, but squeezing in a little Tcl now and then.

Before Alcatel I was at Intrasoft SA, Greece, before that at Dundee University, Scotland.

I can be emailed at colin.macleod(at) .
I use the id "CGM" on this wiki and on reddit.
I use the id "CGM" on this wiki, on the Tcl chat and on reddit.
I'm doing a little blogging at
****Some programs wot I have wrote****|%Tartaniser%|% - Make your own Scottish tartan.
[gush] - a Graphical User SHell.
[Diskusage] - a little utility to help out when your disk gets full.
[Flog] - log-follower utility.
[AdvertSkipper for YouTube] - what it says, Windows-specific.
****Other stuff****
[coroutine-enabled event handling]|%Why I'm Tcl-ish%|% - Advocacy.
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