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  • Welcome to the latest evolution of the Tcler's Wiki. For more information about the new features see About Nikit.
  • Tcl/Tk 8.6.9 Released! The Tcl Core Team is pleased to announce the 8.6.9 release of the Tcl dynamic language and the Tk toolkit. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who submit bug reports and patches. This information is invaluable in enabling us to identify and eliminate problems in the core. Tcl/Tk 8.6.9 sources are freely available as open source from the Tcl Developer Xchange. See also the Tcl/Tk 8.6.9 highlights and changes.
  • has set up a bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
Thursday December 13, 2018
parserSEH US
Ancient Egyptian Double False Position Algorithm, and example eTCL demo calculator, numerical analysisgold US
Rectangular Radio Antenna and etcl Slot Calculator Demo Examplegold US
goldgold US
Sumerian Seeding Rates and eTCL Slot Calculator Demo Example , numerical analysis gold US
Babylonian Cubic Equation Problem and eTCL demo example calculator, numerical analysisgold US
Stonehenge Circle Accuracy Slot Calculator Examplegold US
Wednesday December 12, 2018
simplify_SVG: path element ...rattleCAD AT
Sumerian_Pottery_Vessel_Mass_calculator_numerical_analysisgold US
Old Babylonian Interest Rates and eTCL demo example calculatorgold US
General Tianji' Horse Race Strategy from China and eTCL demo example calculator, numerical analysisgold US
MarcDouglasmarcDouglas US
Monday December 10, 2018
Trig Procedures for degree measures as sind, cosd, tand,etcgold US
Brahmagupta Area of Cyclic Quadrilateral and eTCL demo example calculatorgold US
Babylonian Quarter Square Multiplication procedure algorithm and TCL 8.6 demo example calculator, numerical analysisgold US
Ideal Rocket Performance and TCL demo example calculator, numerical analysisgold US
Babylonian_Brothers_Inheritance_Problems_Algorithm and TCL 8.6 demo example calculator, numerical analysisgold US
Electronic Failure Rate FITS and eTCL Slot Calculator Demo Example gold US
Human Language Root Words & Lexicostatistics Calculator and eTCL Slot Calculator Demo Example, numerical analysisgold US
Random Walk Equation Slot Calculator Examplegold US
itcl configurethe IN
Sunday December  9, 2018
Mohsen SooriSEH US
Saturday December  8, 2018
flexmenubll US
Tcl Tutorial Lesson 24jos BE
Tcl Tutorial Lesson 31arjen NL
::itcl::addcomponent hiAlexCHWu TW
Friday December  7, 2018
Old_Babylonian_Interest_Rates_V2 screenshot imagegold US
Wize - Wish Integrated Zip ExecutableSEH US
tepamgreg DE
Thursday December  6, 2018
packagepooryorick EE
BWidgetoehhar DE
Poor Yorickpooryorick EE
Wednesday December  5, 2018
Capsule Surface Area & Volume and eTCL demo example calculator gold US
Old_Babylonian_Interest_Rates_V2 power of 2 imagegold US
BOOK: Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guidegreg DE
chan configurepooryorick EE
encodingpooryorick EE
encoding converttopooryorick EE
Interfacing PS2 Keyboard with Arduino and AndrowishJorge US
A scale with Arduino and AndroWishJorge US
Tuesday December  4, 2018
Serializing a text widgetSEH US
Data manipulation with tarrayarjen NL
encoding convertfrompooryorick EE
encoding systempooryorick EE
Tcl wartspooryorick EE
TkSQLitepooryorick EE
Monday December  3, 2018
Texas Hold Dem Poker Cards, Game, and Probability, numerical analyisgold US
Over-21 Game Shell and eTCL Slot Calculator Demo Example , numerical analysis gold US
Estimating Mountain Height Using Look Angles, Etcl Console Examplegold US
Indian Math Bhaskara (1) Sine formula and extensions, history of math gold US
open files in windows with spacesMG GB
TIP 510: Add Rbc to Tkrz CH
Sunday December  2, 2018
Indian_math_Bhaskara_sine_formula_and_extensions_ into_TCL numerical analysis trignometry historygold US
Random_Walk_Equation_V2_into_TCL slot calculator demo example numerical analysis gold US
Over_21_Game_Shell_and _TCL_Slot_Calculator_V2 Demo Example , numerical analysisgold US
Babylonian_Brothers_Inheritance_Problems screenshot imagegold US
Old_Babylonian_Interest_Rates_V2_and_TCL_demo_example_calculator_numerical_analysisgold US
Old_Babylonian_Interest_Rates_V2 printout imagegold US
Capsule_Surface_Area_&_Volume_Calculator_numerical_analysisgold US
Capsule_Surface_Area_&_Volume_Calculator_numerical_analysis console imagegold US
Capsule_Surface_Area_&_Volume_Calculator_numerical_analysis screenshot imagegold US
Tcl for CreoTcl4Creo DE
argvadmin BE
Fixed-point arithmeticadmin BE
xopadmin BE
Creating Commandsadmin BE
Helpadmin BE
Saturday December  1, 2018
Ask, and it shall be given # 13gold US
Friday November 30, 2018
Mac OS X colorsbll US
TWAPIyyamasak JP
Thursday November 29, 2018
Tk_FindPhotooehhar DE
Tk_PhotoGetImageoehhar DE
Wednesday November 28, 2018
exprpooryorick EE
Tuesday November 27, 2018
SpatiaLitepd AU
PhotoAlbum -A Web Gallery Creation ToolJorge US
PAVEarjen NL
Monday November 26, 2018
Geometry ManagersSEH US
Pave, sort of geometry manageraplsimple RU
Friday November 23, 2018
lambdapooryorick EE
yclpooryorick EE
Where does the package command find the packages it seeks?KS CH
Klaus SaalfeldKS CH
Thursday November 22, 2018
Drawing in an invisible canvasarjen NL
Wednesday November 21, 2018
Naviserver Tcl packages helpSiqsuruq CV
markup languageEMJ FR
Tuesday November 20, 2018
Tcl Editorsaplsimple RU
scan.coveritybll US
Genetic Algorithmsarjen NL
Monday November 19, 2018
Test Suite Logoehhar DE
Friday November 16, 2018
Texas Hold Dem Poker Cards screenshoot png second imagegold US
Texas Hold Dem Poker Cards png screenshot first imagegold US
catcomapn IN
HTML widgetsJOB DE
Thursday November 15, 2018
Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.6.9dgp US
Changes in Tcl/Tkdgp US
Wednesday November 14, 2018
Schemesilas BR
Saturday November 10, 2018
chan pendingpooryorick EE
Design patterns in Tclapn IN

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