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  • The next Monthly Tcl Meetup will be held Tuesday the 13th of December 2022 and will feature Csaba Nemethi (author of Tablelist). Details are available on the Monthly Virtual Meetup page.
  • The SQLite & Tcl Conference was held online on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Please visit for details.
  • Tcl/Tk 8.6.13 Released! The Tcl Core Team is pleased to announce the 8.6.13 release of the Tcl dynamic language and the Tk toolkit. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who submit bug reports and patches. This information is invaluable in enabling us to identify and eliminate problems in the core. Tcl/Tk 8.6.13 sources are freely available as open source from the Tcl Developer Xchange . See also Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.6.13
  • has set up a bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
  • Subscribe to the @TclLang Twitter feed for news about happenings in the Tcl world.
Saturday January 28, 2023
tclMuPdfABU IT
Friday January 27, 2023
Poor Yorickpooryorick EE
Thursday January 26, 2023
tclmainDDG DE
Detlef GrothDDG DE
Sunday January 22, 2023
Rustpooryorick EE
saitosaito US
canvas art worksaito US
canvas art imagesaito US
Friday January 20, 2023
gnoclnektomk RU
18th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting 2022paul DE
Tcl Conferencespaul DE
Thursday January 19, 2023
Binary Distributionspaul DE
Monday January 16, 2023
moniDPG US
Saturday January 14, 2023
Unicode and UTF-8pooryorick EE
alited, a lite editoraplsimple RU
Friday January 13, 2023
utf-8pooryorick EE
ChatGPT and Tcldox GB
Thursday January 12, 2023
AndroWish QuestionsLES BR
pantclDDG DE
Monthly Virtual MeetupCGM GB
pandoc-tcl-filterDDG DE
Wednesday January 11, 2023
CIP - calculations in parallelsaito US
Monday January  9, 2023
Water surface graphics demoarjen NL
Tuesday January  3, 2023
TclCurljdc BE
Monday January  2, 2023
Tcl Core Teambsg US
lolcatpooryorick EE
Sunday January  1, 2023
nektomknektomk RU
Friday December 30, 2022
Language Server ProtocolJMN AU
Sunday December 25, 2022
saito new df imagesaito US
Convex_Hullsaito US
saito df graph imagesaito US
saito_df_graph imagesaito US
Convex_Hull_image imagesaito US
Unicode funny listaplsimple RU
Saturday December 24, 2022
a checkpoint-based profileraplsimple RU
etprofaplsimple RU
(another) command profileraplsimple RU
Friday December 23, 2022
Monatlicher virtueller Tcl Stammtischpaul DE
Thursday December 22, 2022
Parsing C Typeshgiese DE
baltip, balloon tipaplsimple RU
bartabs, bar of tabsaplsimple RU
hl_tcl, Tcl/Tk syntax highlighteraplsimple RU
Wednesday December 21, 2022
Tuesday December 20, 2022
Pave, sort of geometry manageraplsimple RU
Monday December 19, 2022
Paul Obermeierpaul DE
aplsimpleaplsimple RU
Sunday December 18, 2022
Date and Time IssuesLES BR
Saturday December 17, 2022
Choosing an IDE for Tcl in 2022LES BR
Friday December 16, 2022
Tcl Editorsaplsimple RU
Thursday December 15, 2022
Geanytorsten DE
Komodotorsten DE
ale_themes, ttk themes for alitedaplsimple RU
Tuesday December 13, 2022
SDX under Windowspaul DE
Monday December 12, 2022
Canvas zoomingLES BR
Friday December  9, 2022
Dec 2022 Tcl Meetup notesstevel AU
Thursday December  8, 2022
Resizing fonts on window resizeRJT CO
Wednesday December  7, 2022
Abstract List (TIP-636) Performancebsg US
rc4pooryorick EE
Monday December  5, 2022
tDOMoehhar DE
Saturday December  3, 2022
Shimmering in Tkaplsimple RU
Friday December  2, 2022
FranTkpooryorick EE
vzvcavzvca FR
Thursday December  1, 2022
Luatorsten DE
Friday November 25, 2022
Object orientationSiqsuruq CV
BWidgetoehhar DE
Imgarjen NL
Thursday November 24, 2022
methodpooryorick EE
Wednesday November 23, 2022
Test Suite Logoehhar DE
Tuesday November 22, 2022
Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.6.13dgp US
Changes in Tcl/Tkdgp US
Friday November 18, 2022
build JSON with tdompooryorick EE
Friday November 11, 2022
cffi + rustNR FR
Wednesday November  9, 2022
scandox GB
Colin MacleodCGM GB
Running Tk from a safe interpreterarjen NL
Tuesday November  8, 2022
dusthillresidentdusthillresident GB
Nov 2022 Tcl Meetup notesstevel AU
Friday November  4, 2022
Eaglemistachkin US
Thursday November  3, 2022
Who says Tcl rules...CGM GB
Wednesday November  2, 2022
tcc4tclMiR DE
Tuesday November  1, 2022
Replacing Tk's error dialogLES BR
Sunday October 30, 2022
msgcattorsten DE
Saturday October 29, 2022
A change-sensitive text widgetLES BR
kbs packagesLES BR
wiki database for offline useLES BR
Friday October 28, 2022
VigenereLGT FR
Ask, and it shall be given # 13TML DE
bitmapLES BR
Thursday October 27, 2022
snackampLES BR
Tcl_Allocapn IN
Monday October 24, 2022
Scrollutilnemethi DE
tablelistnemethi DE
SpatiaLitepd AU
Friday October 21, 2022
KitCreatortma DE

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