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  • The Monthly Tcl Meetup will be held Wednesday the 14th of September 2022. Details are available on the Monthly Virtual Meetup page.
  • The SQLite & Tcl Conference was held online on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. Please visit for details.
  • Tcl/Tk 8.6.12 Released! The Tcl Core Team is pleased to announce the 8.6.12 release of the Tcl dynamic language and the Tk toolkit. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who submit bug reports and patches. This information is invaluable in enabling us to identify and eliminate problems in the core. Tcl/Tk 8.6.12 sources are freely available as open source from the Tcl Developer Xchange . See also Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.6.12
  • has set up a bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages.
  • Subscribe to the @TclLang Twitter feed for news about happenings in the Tcl world.
Friday September 23, 2022
Choosing an IDE for Tcl in 2022aplsimple RU
Wednesday September 21, 2022
Tuesday September 20, 2022
Luciano ESLES BR
Monday September 19, 2022
SVGoehhar DE
Sunday September 18, 2022
BOOK Programming and GUI Fundamentals: TCL-TK for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) SEH US
Saturday September 17, 2022
Plotting dataNR FR
Thursday September 15, 2022
char2entarjen NL
Wednesday September 14, 2022
gopher-getpi31415 US
Gopherpi31415 US
TclCurlpi31415 US
Sep 2022 Tcl Meetup notesdkf GB
Tuesday September 13, 2022
Monthly Virtual Meetupstevel AU
Sunday September 11, 2022
CentralStu CA
Friday September  9, 2022
Joe Mistachkinmistachkin US
Binary DistributionsMN DE
tclexecompMN DE
Thursday September  8, 2022
ThatchStu CA
SubversionSEH US
Wednesday September  7, 2022
globfindSEH US
alited, a lite editoraplsimple RU
Tcl Editorsaplsimple RU
Tuesday September  6, 2022
Who says Tcl rules...SEH US
Dump a file in hex and ASCIImtsuchi FR
Saturday September  3, 2022
Time Fractals in Golden Ratio multiple universes imagegoldxxxxx US
Time Fractals in Golden Ratio poker chips imagegoldxxxxx US
Time Fractals in Golden Ratio wormhole extra imagegoldxxxxx US
Time Fractals in Golden Ratio wormhole imagegoldxxxxx US
Time Fractals in Golden Ratio Proportions einstien imagegoldxxxxx US
Friday September  2, 2022
imageProfessionalhealer UG
Sunday August 28, 2022
Online-IDEsgringo SK
Friday August 26, 2022
breakea7ababe RS
XML_Wrappercoldfiremc CL
Komodocoldfiremc CL
Wednesday August 24, 2022
jWebToolsjrapdx US
Tuesday August 23, 2022
Tcl implementationsSEH US
Monday August 22, 2022
ccalStu CA
MebStu CA
StuStu CA
GubStu CA
Thursday August 18, 2022
terminal emulatorSEH US
build JSON with tdomsbron NL
haru Packageapn IN
CFFI Packageapn IN
Wednesday August 17, 2022
Aug 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Jul 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Jun 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
May 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Apr 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Mar 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Feb 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Jan 22 Tcl Meetup notesKJN GB
Experimenting with KitCreatorarjen NL
Tuesday August 16, 2022
Using twapi::tls_socket on Windows 7sbron NL
Monday August 15, 2022
AykaAyka KR
Yihua LiuAyka KR
Tcl Playgroundarjen NL
Saturday August 13, 2022
Tcl Dev Kitcoldfiremc CL
Friday August 12, 2022
nemanov_oonemanov_oo RU
Mentrynemethi DE
Wcbnemethi DE
WebSphereSJK AU
System administrationSJK AU
Oracle Enterprise ManagerSJK AU
Thursday August 11, 2022
Feature Request: lappend return indexaotto DE
Tuesday August  9, 2022
tclmakeSEH US
Thursday August  4, 2022
Harald Oehlmannoehhar DE
Tuesday August  2, 2022
Friday July 29, 2022
Tcl Static PrimeSEH US
Monday July 25, 2022
umaskALX DE
Tcl for CreoTcl4Creo DE
Friday July 22, 2022
MiRapn IN
Thursday July 21, 2022
mouse wheel in 8.7nemethi DE
Tuesday July 19, 2022
fitsTclpaul DE
oldlaptopoldlaptop US
ttk::notebookoldlaptop US
Monday July 18, 2022
tcc4tclSEH US
Sunday July 17, 2022
Paul Obermeierpaul DE
poSoft utilitiespaul DE
Ask, and it shall be given # 13MiR DE
Saturday July 16, 2022
SQLitepooryorick EE
Friday July 15, 2022
trofsjevinskie US
Thursday July 14, 2022
Scrollutilnemethi DE
Wednesday July 13, 2022
Reading MP3 file infoFrBa US
Thursday July  7, 2022
Harpymistachkin US
Eagle Sandbox Contestmistachkin US
Rustpooryorick EE
Wednesday July  6, 2022
Keyboard widgetoehhar DE
Unicodepooryorick EE
Sunday July  3, 2022
lilearl US
Friday July  1, 2022
DBFnemanov_oo RU
Thursday June 30, 2022
Tasksarjen NL
Wednesday June 29, 2022
IronTclmistachkin US
digiCamControlFrBa US

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