Detlef Groth

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Shorthand: [DDG].

mailto: dgroth (at) gmx (dot) de

Web Pages:
   * Home page:
   * Github:
   * Chiselapp: (outdated)

Wiki Pages I started:

***Tcl-Programming Utilities***

   * [biotcl] - some biological relevant [snit] types
   * [dgtools::argvparse] - command line parsing of the argv list in the spirit of Pythons argparse library
   * [dgtools::repo] - package and command line application for installation of tcl packages directly from github and chiselapp repositories 
   * [FisherTest] - statistical test for categorical variables
   * [github::github] - WIP package for directly downloading tcl packages from github repositories, wrapped later into [dgtools::repo]
   * [memoize] - package for caching of function calls, the cache can also loaded from and saved to a file
   * [mkdoc::mkdoc] write source code documentation for Tcl, Python, R and other programming languages in Markdown
   * [pandoc-tcl-filter] - filter for [pandoc] to embed Tcl code into Markdown documents
   * [pkgDeps] - small tcl script which shows all required packages of a Tcl application
   * [recover] - like the R recover[] function allows you to debug the code by placing the recover function into your code or rename recover to error
   * [tclcairo] - Tcl binding to the cairo library using [swig]
   * [tmdoc::tmdoc] literate programming for Tcl, embed and evaluate Tcl code within Markdown documents
   * [TemplateRecall] - template engine where the programming logic remains in the tcl code
   * [tsql4mk] - Tiny SQL for [Metakit] databases (unsupported, we have [SQLite]!)
   * [tsvg] -Thingy SVG writer - small package to create [SVG] image files with a syntax close to Tcl and to SVG.

***Crossplatform Widgets***
   * [chesschart] - [snit] widget to create flowcharts using chessboard coordinates 
* [dotcanvas] - canvas widget with automatic dotfile rendering and updating after file changes
* [dgw-package] - snit widgets and widget adaptors for standard tk widgets and the [tablelist] widget * [dgw::combobox] - [snit] widget which is like a [ttk::combobox] but automatically popups the internal listbox and filters the items by user input * [dgw::seditor] - [snit] text editor widget with configurable syntax hilighting, buttons toolbar, window splitting, right click context menu and tool execution * [dgw::hyperhelp] - hypertext help system based on code in this wiki [A Hypertext Help System] but with many improvements and nicely documented, loadable as package or can be run as standalone help viewer * [dgw::sbuttonbar] - [snit] widget for a nice button buttonbar where buttons have rounded corners, based on old [gbuttons] code from Steve Landers and the ported snit Version [snitButton] * [dgw::sfilebrowser] - [snit] widget based on [tablelist] for browsing the file system * [dgw::sfinddialog] - extended version of [snitfinddialog] with direct bindings for a text widget and a comprehensive manual * [dgw::statusbar] - composite [snit] widget providing a statusbar for Tk applications based on a ttk::Label and a ttk::progressbar widget * [tlistbox%|%dgw::tlistbox%|%] an easy to use [tablelist] based listbox widget with multiline support, search facilities * [dgw::tvmixins] - implementations of various extensions for the [ttk::treeview] widget which can be added dynamically using chaining of commands at widget creation. * [dgw::txmixins] - implementations of various extensions for the [text] widget which can be added dynamically using chaining of commands at widget creation. * [Resizing fonts on window resize%|%dlabel%|%] - [snit] label widget with dynamic font resize * [snitbutton] a port of [gbuttons] which is [itcl]-based to the snit-framework by providing a [gbuttons] wrapper type * [shtmlview] htmlview widget to render simple html pages with pure Tcl/Tk. Basic toolbar provides as well. * [snitbrowser] a [snit]::widget wrapper for the tkhtml library. * [snitdnd] A snit package for easy drag and drop implementation based on [simplednd] with some extensions * [snitfinddialog] a [snit]::widget toplevel providing a standard find-dialog * [snitDom] a [snit] wrapper type to use TclDOM with a [tdom] syntax * [SnitTtkNotebook] just an extension to ttk::notebook with bindings to move, add, delete and rename tabs * [speertext] A splitable text [[snit]]widget based on the new 8.5 peer method * [ttk::treeview mixins] examples for extending the [ttk::treeview] using mixins implemented by [snit]::widgetadaptors ***Widgets for X-Windows*** * [SnitMPlayer] snit widget to embed the mplayer video/audio application * [TkXCam] simple embedding of a webcam into Tk applications on X using mplayer * [SnitXMupdf] a snit widget which allows to embed the mupdf application and which provides an additional toolbar for easier usage of mupdf * [SnitXSurf] snit widget to embed the surf web browser into Tk applications see * [SnitXUrxvt] snit widget to embed one or multiple Urxvt Terminals into Tk applications * [SnitXWindow] a snit widget to embed any app into a Tk application, could be seen as a tk window manager on top of window manager ***Chess Tools*** * [Chess4Tcl] oo-wrapper for the chess.js library using [tcl-duktape] * [ChessValidator] snit wrapper to the ChessBoard implementation on [Chess in Tcl] but with castling, enpassant and mate, stalemate notifications ***Applications*** * [dgHelpBrowser] a sophisticated helptools with the tcl-documentation and many additional packages ([tcllib],[bwidget],[tix] ...) * [dgDBBrowser] cross-platform and cross-database viewer and editor, replaces the old [dgSQLite] and [dgMKViewer] database applications * [dgSQLite] a graphical database tool to access and modify [sqlite] databases (currently sqlite2) * [dgMKViewer] a graphical database tool to access and modify [metakit] databases ---- See also: [TixTclkit] <<categories>> Person