expr logical "and" operator, dual of ||. Returns truth if both arguments are boolean true, and falsity otherwise. Note that this operator short-circuits, and does not evaluate its second argument if the first is false. See & for bitwise "and".

expr { [a b c] && [d e f] }

Note that this operator does not have a command equivalent in tcl::mathop; use the if command instead.

While there is no tcl::mathop equivalent, tcl::mathop::* will give the desired result provided all arguments have been reduced to the "most basic" boolean values (non-zero or 0), like for instance when evaluated with any kind of boolean operator. For example, the following code

::tcl::mathop::* {*}[lmap elem $listOfNumbers { expr {$elem > 10} }]

will tell you if all elements in $listOfNumbers are greater than 10. (See Faking tcl::mathop::&& and ||.)