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10th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting

This page is intended to organize and hold information about the 10th European Tcl/Tk Users Meeting.

Over the last few years, we were really glad to welcome you to Strasbourg for a convivial EuroTcl meeting. Next year is somehow special, since we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Tcl/Tk User Meeting. Then once again we are really happy to invite you to the

      1Oth European Tcl/Tk User Meeting or EuroTcl

It will take place in Strasbourg, France, in September.

Information, events, registration and abstract submission will be done as usual on-line at :


The new version of the website will be made available in September or October and abstract submission will start a bit later.

WishList : In order to organize at best our conference, please tell us what are your expectations : tutorials, invited speakers, food, etc ... (sorry, but I can't do anything for the weather !)

Here some wishes in random order (9 feb 2011) sisusimple:

  • contributed talks
  • Tcl in science / bioinformatics - applications
  • Web development in Tcl
  • Try out making a feature wishlist for Tcl or tcllib during the conference, so that maintainers get a feedback from the community
  • Great french food as in earlier years.
  • Try to get participation from non-European Tcler's (esp. N.American?).
  • Discuss google summer of code and lessons to be learnt (esp. the really, really meager output of Tcl gsoc projects!!!). What can we do to improve that?

makr 2011-03-30: Note, that there is a poll still open , when the User Meeting should actually take place.

sisusimple I am a bit confused about the poll when the user meeting should take place. 3 and 4 june are in a holiday weekend, but 10 and 11 june are also in holiday weekend. Anyway I have no preference.

makr 2011-05-02: While the web site has not been updated, yet, it seems the organizers have decided to shift to September 2011.

jcw - Oh well. Was looking forward to June.