A tiny Tcl server

Richard Suchenwirth 2008-09-10 - The following is a very simple webserver that provides a HTML page with an entry field and a "Go" button. When you type a Tcl command into the entry and hit <Return> or the "Go" button, the command is evaluated in the server, and its result reported back to the client.

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Very simple, no safety precautions taken at all, so handle with care. But it might for instance be a starting point to interact with Tcl on a cell phone which has a browser...

 proc main argv {
    set port 8080
    set ::buffer ""
    socket -server accept $port
    puts waiting...$port
    vwait forever
 proc accept {socket adr port} {
    fileevent $socket readable [list webui_go $socket]
 proc webui_go sock {
    global buffer
    set now [clock format [clock sec] -format %H:%M:%S]
    set query ""
    while 1 {
        gets $sock line
        lappend query $line
        if {$line eq ""} break
    set cmd ""
    regexp {GET /_post\?CMD=(.+) HTTP} [lindex $query 0] -> cmd
    set cmd [unescape [string map {+ " "} $cmd]]
    catch {uplevel \#0 $cmd} res
    lappend ::buffer "$now % $cmd" $res
    puts $sock "HTTP/1.0 200 OK"
    puts $sock "Content-Type: text/html\n"    
    puts $sock "<html><head><h1>TclServe</h1>"
    foreach line $::buffer {
        puts $sock <br>$line
    puts $sock "<hr/><form id='cpost' action='/_post' method='get'>
    <input id='cmsg' name='CMD' size='80' value='' />
    <input type='submit' value='Go' /></form>"    
    close $sock
 proc unescape str {
    regsub -all {%(..)} [string map {+ " "} $str] {\u00\1} str
    subst $str
 main $argv

RS 2008-09-23: Tested to work with eTcl Windows Mobile 2003 cellphone too, locally, with Pocket IE pointed at . But I couldn't reach that URL from desktop at work.

Lectus It's amazing how Tcl can make complex things so simple!