I am Alecu Ștefan-Iulian (you can call me Stephan or whatever the equivalent is in your native language). My nickname comes from a 1337-ified version of my family name. :P

I am from Romania. I'm currently finishing an undergrad in CS, so I'm pretty young. I'm relatively new to Tcl compared to other people here (standing on the shoulders of giants, heh). Currently implementing a subset of Tcl on the Raspberry Pi Pico for my undergrad thesis. I've started to post about Tcl/Tk over on Mastodon (first on @[email protected], now on @[email protected]). You can also contact me over on uneven dash shiver at protonmail dot com.

Languages spoken: Romanian, English, a bit of Esperanto, I know really basic Italian and I'm slowly learning Finnish.

Programming languages: TeX, Perl, Tcl (obviously), Pascal/Delphi + Oberon, Ada, C and C++ (depends on my mood), Zig, OCaml, C#, Lisp (usually Emacs Lisp and Scheme), Python and PHP. I can also get by with PowerShell, Julia, R, Lua and maybe COBOL if I'm really drunk (and/or Smalltalk). Trying to understand Forth (it was the first language I tried implementing for my undergrad thesis).

Other interests: linguistics, conlangs, NLP (the linguistics kind), math, sudoku, typography, Linux + BSD + Amiga, compilers, emulators, microcontrollers, philosophy, contemporary (usually post-89, although post-45 works too), sometimes politics and spiritualism.

I am also the creator of The NexTcl Project, a project attempting to improve the tooling around Tcl and improve the learning experience for beginners.

APN Welcome, Stephan, always happy to see new faces here, especially young ones to balance us old fogeys :-)