What information does this Wiki collect?

1. Log data - including (but not limited to) IP addresses, browser signatures, geolocation information, HTTP requests, URLs of referring pages, locale and language preferences.

2. Cookies - you need to sign in to edit or create a page, you need to agree to accepting cookies to sign in

3. Passwords - authenticated users (a.k.a maintainers) have higher privileges and require a password to sign in.

4. Email addresses - maintainers may supply an email address to allow them to be contacted

How is this information used?

Log data is used to diagnose system problems and identify misuse of the Wiki (e.g. malicious and/or automated edits).

Geolocation information is displayed against any edits in the Recent Changes page.

Cookies are required to edit pages, so that changes can be attributed to an individual.

Passwords are required to authenticate maintainers.

Such information will not be sold, rented or shared with third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

Cloudflare, who provide cloud caching and proxy services, may also create a cookie. For more information see [L1 ]