Getting started

        What is Tcl?                        [What is Tcl]        5-1
        What is Tk?                        [What is Tk]         5-2
        Getting Tcl/Tk                        [Getting Tcl/Tk]     5-3
        Getting help                        [Getting help]       5-4
        Learning Tcl                        [Learning Tcl]       5-5
        Tcl Dev Xchange                [The Tcl Dev Xchange] 5-6
        About the Wiki                        [About the Wiki]     5-7


        Advocacy                        [Tcl Advocacy]       1-1
        Conferences                        [Tcl Conferences]    1-2
        Chat, news, lists                [Chat, news, lists]  1-3
        History                     [History of Tcl and Tk]  1-4
        Humor         [Humor as seen by Wikit contributors]  1-5
        People                               [People & Community]  1-6
        Tcl websites                        [Tcl Websites]       1-7


        Companies                   [Companies that Use Tcl]  4-1
        Getting help                        [Getting help]       4-2
        Online books                        [Online books]       4-3
        Online tutorials                [Online tutorials]   4-4
        Manual pages                        [The manual pages]   4-5
        Tcl roadmap                        [Tcl Roadmap]        4-6
        Acronyms                        [Acronym collection] 4-7

Tcl software

        Applications                        [Applications]       3-1
        The Tcl core                        [The Tcl core]       3-2
        Development tools                [Development tools]  3-3
        Documentation                        [Documentation]      3-4
        Extensions                [Extensions for Tcl and Tk]  3-5
        Toys and games                        [Toys and games]     3-6

Tcl in the wild

        Major applications                [Major applications] 2-1
        Businesses                        [Businesses]         2-2
        Education                        [Education]          2-3
        Engineering                        [Engineering]        2-4
        Government                        [Government]         2-5
        Medical                                [Medical]            2-6
        Other                           [Tcl in industry]    2-7