Identifier: APIC

 Version: 0.3a3
 Title: APIC
 Creator: Marco Maggi
 Rights: GNU General Public License
 URL: <http://web.tiscali.it/marcomaggi/software/>
 Available: 2003-09-08
 Depends: UTP <http://web.tiscali.it/marcomaggi/software/>
 Architecture: tcl
 Subject: vector graphics, document preparation
 Description: a program for vector graphics.
 APIC is  a filter  that builds vector  graphics from  a text
 file containing drawing commands. It's a pure TCL script and
 the drawing language is a TCL script.
 A library of procedures  is provided to draw electrical and
 electronic circuits.
 Currently supported output formats are: TeXdraw. 
 TeXdraw is a  LaTeX package by Peter Kabal:  its concept is
 to  build  PostScript  drawings with  LaTeX-formatted  text
 superimposed;  this way  it can  place on  the  picture any
 number of  graphical elements, without  worring of resource
 usage by LaTeX.

Examples here: [L1 ].