What ATcl
Description Tcl bindings for MetaTrader, a platform for trading Forex and analyzing financial markets.
Prerequisites 32-bit Tcl for Windows
License ?
Updated 2018-01

nektomk 2018-05-13: "Beta 2" was released. Detailed release announce:

In the new version, Tk works and can be used to develop the GUI; A demonstration of the use of cawt for data exchange between MT4 and Excel is also included. To ensure the availability of the distribution, a project has been created on SourcesForge :

nektomk 2018-02-11: The library allows to use the tcl interpreter with the MT4 programs (the language of the trading platform, similar to C/C ++). A minimally necessary and compact interface has been implemented: data conversion to and from Tcl, initialization of the interpreter and invocation of functions. I liked the resulting interface :-)

Tested and included in the distribution package: the use of Tcl packages, the operation of the message queue, network capabilities, the call of "critcl". Tk does not work yet, maybe I will do it in future versions

nektomk 2018-04-30: Project was moved to