ActiveState Corporation , based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, provides ActiveTcl, a supported version of Tcl.




Tcl Finds a Home (alternate ), 2001-02-26
Announced ActiveTcl, and also that Jeff Hobbs had joined ActiveState as the Tcl technical lead. "As part of this initiative, prominent Tcl developer, Jeff Hobbs, has joined ActiveState as the Tcl technical lead. Jeff is the maintainer of the Tk Usage FAQ and is a program committee member for the USENIX Tcl/Tk Conference. Previously Jeff was with Scriptics, where he was the Tcl ambassador, responsible for liaising with the Tcl community and managing development of the Tcl core."


ActiveState provides ActiveTcl and Komodo. For many years ActiveState hosted the Tcl community website.

ActiveState creates professional software development tools, programming language distributions, and business solutions for dynamic languages, and practical tools and applications for social networking platforms. ActiveState solves complex problems and produces cool and useful applications that help people live more productive and enjoyable lives. ActiveState technology "just works." ActiveState is owned by its employees and Pender Financial Group, a publicly traded investment company focused on technology in British Columbia.

Additional information:

  • CL supplied background on ActiveState in articles on a Perl plugin ([L1 ] and [L2 ]) and ...
  • ActiveState hosts a collection of nightly CVS head checkouts for Tcl, Tk and various extensions at . This is being done as a community courtesy and should not be treated as a community right. In some cases, the cvs head snapshot is not the latest set of source files for the extension - in a few cases, the extension moved from cvs to subversion. In other cases, the cvs head may not even build (perhaps, for instance, the developer is working on new features, etc.) Locate the project's home page to ascertain the currency of the code and the location of the authority version.