Adding a splash screen to a Starkit

Splash is a splash screen/window package for Starkits, but it can be used from any Tcl/Tk application. It supports animated splash screens using multi-layer GIF images.

Splash creates a separate process to animate the splash screen, so that refreshing is independent of the calling (parent) Starkit or script. This allows the splash screen to be updated/animated while the calling application is performing relatively long running tasks (such as downloading code or data from a server).

It is also possible to overlay text messages on the animated GIF image.

Splash is written in pure Tcl/Tk, and so works on any platforms support Tcl/Tk. It is also relatively small - if you just include splash.kit/lib/splash it adds less than 4k bytes plus the size of your image to your Starkit.

Splash comes with an embedded help wiki - just run it without arguments to see how to incorporate an animated splash screen into your Starkit

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--- Steve Landers

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