Adding entry of Wish/TkCon to Windows Shell context menu

2004/11/10 sheila

I'd like to be able to create a contextual menu for directories in my WinXP explorer view similar to what I do for having a command prompt. i.e. I right click on a folder in my explorer, and I can select "Command Prompt" and it opens a command line starting in that directory. I added this by editing the directory section in the registry.

I tried to do the same thing so I could open a tkcon shell in a specific directory, but I don't have it working yet. Does someone know how to do this?



 @="C:\\Tcl\\bin\\wish.exe C:\\Tcl\\bin\\tkcon.tcl"

(I also want to do the the same thing with a wish shell) Answer: For Wish, leave out the path to tkcon.tcl