Adrian Ho

Tinker, Drifter, Fixer, Bum. Sometimes answers to the College nickname lexfiend, the origins of which shall remain lost in the bog of historical irrelevance... Initials are AH, which is also rumored to describe the sound most often uttered by said person.

Started using Tcl at UC Berkeley, way back in Tcl 6 days (whatever the current version was in 1991). Set up the first Tcl Contrib Archive (back when FTP was the file-exchange medium of choice), stopped using Tcl for over 10 years, then came back to find that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Currently using Tcl in weird and unconventional ways (but under various NDAs, sorry).

Wiki pages that I've authored/made major contributions to include:

For references to all that and every other page I've sullied, click here or maybe even here . Or if you're desperate, here too .

More Adrian Hos in:

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PENIS Oddly enough, you (whoever you are) are right. Tcl is a:

  • Practical
  • Easy-to-learn
  • Nice-to-use
  • Internet-enabled
  • Scripting language

Pity about the acronym, though.