SEH -- 1/12/05 -- From the web site:

Aethera is a pim application, i.e. it handles all kinds of personal information: email, contacts, notes, tasks, todos, journals. It has various communication features regarding: send/receive email, send/receive task requests and appointment requests via email. It can help you to know quickly the world's news and weather.

It appears to be a repackaging of the KDE suite of KOrganizer/KPim tools, ported to multiple platforms (eg to Windows via Cygwin etc.).

What makes it of interest to Tclers is that it has an open scripting interface via which plugins can be written to expand its functionality. There are already some non-free plugins offered (versions of TkWhiteboard, TkJabber) which seem to show a preference for Tcl for plugin-writing.

The base package is claimed to be entirely free and GPL, however.

Aethera is also a Kolab client.