ABU 19-Aug-2015 - AggTk a new widget for high quality graphics

AggTk is a new widget for high-quality vectorial graphics based on Antigrain Geometry ( ). AggTk provides a sort of direct-draw canvas (contrary to the retained-mode provided by tk-canvas) and is able to draw primitives and even images with partial-transparency, anti-aliasing and sub-pixel accuracy.

Currently it is in alpha-stage, and available only for Windows platforms.

Image AggTk-Hello

Documentation is not currently available; it will be provided next weeks. In the meantime, it's possible to play with same sample-code delivered with the AggTk package. The screenshot below are not really elegant, but they show some of the features AggTk provides. Image AggTk-0 Image AggTk-1


  • AggTk 0.1 [L1 ] 19-Aug-2015 - Windows Binary Package
  • AggDevKit 0.1 [L2 ] 19-Aug-2015 - Source code


  • checkout last stable release from SourceForge [L3 ]


  • Tutorials and reference manuals
  • Review the API
  • Internal Design overview and specs
  • Porting to Linux and MacOsX (any volunteer ?)

arjen - 2015-08-20 07:55:27

Interesting, but when I tried to run the demos I got the message at loading the DLL: Argument invalid. That is one of those very uninformative messages that you sometimes get, but it usually means some component is missing. However, I can not discover which component (DLL) is indeed missing. The library as I downloaded it, seems to be 64 bits, is that correct?

ABU All dll are 32 bits. You need TclTk 8.6.x 32 bit, or TclKit.exe 32-bit (in this case you should provide some standard libraries like Snit .. ) . Let me know ...

arjen - 2015-08-21 14:22:03

Right, that must have been it then. I will try with a 32-bits version.

Yes, that worked - I used a MinGW installation, got Snit from my plain Windows one and removed "package require Img". Now I will need to have a closer look at the code of the demos.