Albacore was a visual application development environment for Microsoft Windows. It included a visual window/script editor along with a thin client. The GUI and supporting Tcl code were stored in a RDBMS and activated via the thin client. An advanced application programmer interface with over one hundred functions is provided for easy database access, GUI object interaction, etc.

The entire application was incorporated into a database system, providing, a single point administration, rapid deployment of bug fixes and enhancements, and easy delivery of the application.


I still don't get it. What kinds of Windows developers benefit from Albacore? Is it programmers in C#, or ...? I suspect the answer's implicit in the documentation somewhere, but I haven't yet found it.

It uses Tcl 7.6 for all scripting...It used StingRay's GUI toolkit (third party)...

I do know it is currently being upgraded to Tcl 8.3.4 and the documentation is being refreshed.